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Win More Often!

Try one of the tips plans to start winning 4 out of 5 bets! I can bet, you can`t find tipster with more frequent wins!

Verified Tips

Site has been working for many years. I`ve never given an advert, nevertheless the community keeps growing! It`s the best verification!

On-Time Tips!

Tips are delivered daily at the same time. So you know where to get them and when.

frequently asked questions

Are you reliable?

Yes, I never lie to my membership. At AccurateBettingTips you get exactly what you pay for.

How do you maintain such a big win rate?

To guarantee your success I work at least 6 hours a day analyzing matches and finding the best odds.

Your win rate is much higher than offer other websites. Are your records genuine?

Yes, my past performance is 100% true. I never cheat.

When do you publish tips?

Each tip is sent to you via email with good time before the match kick off.

What bankroll is enough?

You need to stick to money management principles that is to bet 5% of your total bankroll size. So for $5 bet you need to have $100 bankroll.

How can I bet with AccurateBettingTips?

Just pick tips plan, pay for it and specify your email inbox. After you start receiving tips.

Do you provide free tips plan?

No, I don`t offer free tips.

Do you cover tennis or any other sport in summer when football rests?

No, I produce tips only for football matches. You receive tips in summer as well.

Can I pay via PayPal?

Yes, and you can use credit/debit cards too.

How sure are AccurateBettingTips tips?

It depends on tips plan. Win rate can vary from 77% to 90%+.