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Member Testimonials

colon_imgNoak Jonasson


I`ve got 4 months experience with accuratebettingtips.com. Superb site. You should try. Last time I got winning 2.23 odds.

colon_imgSlawomir Nowicki


So many times I was disappointed with other websites. But since I found this guy I am confident about myself again. Thank you bro!

colon_imgIvan Bobolinska


Very trusted website. It gives whole information about past performance and never cheats.”

colon_imgZacharie Des Meaux


“I started with 400 EUR betting bank. Now it`s 850 EUR. And I am a member for a month.”

colon_imgVedran Barisic


I used to have several tips website but now they gone. I am subscriber only at AccurateBettingTips because only here I can get regular wins.

colon_imgOlle Haatainen


“I`m making amazing profit with this service. I got 6 winning days out of last 7 days. And my net profit is 565 EUR.”